Skate Park Equipment Includes

5’ Super Mission
2’6” Half Pyramid with Rail and Bench
5’ Quarter Pipe 18’ Wide
14” Grind Rail
12” long, Sloped Manual Pad
18” Grind Rail
1’ 6” Grind Box


Chillicothe Park District Skate Park Guidelines

This is an unsupervised park.  It is recommended that youth 10 years of age and under are accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • Non-motorized Skateboards, In-line skates and bicycles are permitted in this facility.
  • Skateboarding is a high risk activity that can result in injury.  The use of protective gear is strongly recommended.
  • Skate park use during inclement weather is not recommended due to increased risk of injury.
  • The Chillicothe Park District or Chillicothe Bible Church does not assume any liability for injury to participants or spectators involved in activities connected with skate park use.
  • Profanity, bullying, recklessness or loud boisterous behavior is prohibited.
  • Personal music devices are not permitted within the park without the use of headphones.
  • Unsolicited markings may not be added to any surfaces or components within the park.
  • Trespassing or skating when the facility is closed is not permitted.
  • The Chillicothe Skate Park is a tobacco, alcohol and drug free area.
  • Any infractions of the se regulations may result in closure of Skate Park.
  • This is your park.  Please do not allow anyone to cause problems, which may place major restrictions on this facility.